Beukers Marine Instrumentation B.V. is specialized in sales and service of Marine Control & Alarm Systems. Our scope of work is very broad : new supply (including installation and commissioning), repair, modification, upgrading and calibrations.

Why BMI?


BMI is versatile, we can service many different systems in 1 service attendance. As less service engineers are needed in total, this greatly reduces costs for our customers.


We are always looking for the best solution for our customer.


Our service engineers have a broad work scope and experience, they can perform service on multiple systems.


We are located near Rotterdam, 1 hour driving from Amsterdam an Antwerp, the so called "ARA area".


We want so solve any problem, we don't say no to a challenge.

Reaction time:

We react quickly to requests of our customers. Within 12 hours we can visit a vessel almost everywhere in Europe and within 24 hours worldwide.


We have a dedicated team of Service engineers, who are trained by different makers in their factories, our workshop and on the job.


Anytime - anywhere, we are 24/7 available, we work in overtime if needed.