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 Reliable and Quick Solutions

Beukers Marine Instrumentation B.V. ensures the availability of your vessel and the continuity of your processes. Problems with operation or instruments, controls, valves and other electrical, hydraulic and mechanical equipment can all be resolved by BMI BV. Our skilled service engineers can maintenance, repair, calibrate or modification many different brands of Marine Control & Alarm Systems.

24 Hours Worldwide Service and Supply

Experienced service engineers are on call for emergency repairs in any part of the world 24 hours a day. Strategic spare parts are held on stock and other items quickly sourced from established suppliers.


To ensure satisfactory operation of your systems all devices associated with automation systems should be checked regularly. Operational and maintenance checks are essential to prolong the useful life of your equipment and to prevent accidents. BMI BV can prepare a planned maintenance schedule following inspection of instruments, carried out to establish the operational state of all the main components, their controls and alarms. The system will also be serviced at this time and a report submitted including recommendations and cost of any part found necessary to be replaced or repaired.


The maintenance and calibration of measurement equipment is of major importance to all those involved in the safety business. Increasing legislation of shipping industry throughout the world mean users has the problem of finding reliable control and calibration mechanisms. BMI BV can calibrate and validate all your measurement equipment in our workshop or on location. We work with high quality calibration equipment. Our Calibration process meets the ISO –9001: 2000 requirements.


Adaptations are sometimes necessary. BMI BV knows the importance of speed and flexibility in modification projects. Thanks to our wide experience and the broad knowledge, we quickly tackle any part of a modification project. From small to large conversion projects and advice, right up to installation. In an efficient co-operation with our customer.