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Beukers Marine Instrumentation B.V. offers a wide product range from spare – parts to complete systems. With this extensive range we provide a solution for any requirement in the area of measuring, regulating and control instruments. BMI BV is an official agent for GMI, Musasino, Nohmi Bosai, Omicron, Toka Seiki and Totem Plus. Besides these representatives BMI BV can also deliver many similar systems and spare parts of different manufacturers. Our product range is broken down into the following groups:

Marine Control & Alarm Systems

  • Cargo Control Systems [Musasino]
  • Fire –Protection systems [Nohmi Bosai]
  • Fixed Gas Detection systems [Omicron, GMI, Toka Seiki]
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System, ODMCS - ODME [Brännströms]
  • 15 PPM Bilge Alarms [Fellow Kogyo, Brännströms]
  • Portable Gas Detection [GMI, Toka Seiki]
  • Water Ingress System [Omicron]
  • Tank Monitoring & Alarm Systems [Musasino]
  • Tank Level Alarm System [Omicron]
  • Temperature, Pressure and Vapour Alarm Systems [Omicron]

Calibration Equipment

  • Portable temperature and pressure calibrator for testing of sensors, indicators, switches and safety equipment [Omicron]
  • Software programs for calibration of Gas detection equipment. [GMI]

Measurement Instruments

  • Any pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or mechanical instruments (transmitters, controls, gauges and meters), measuring temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity or viscosity.


  • Alarm Lights & horns [Omicron]
  • Portable flame ionization detector [GMI]
  • Valves: pneumatic, electric and hydraulic